Cold Rolled Strip

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Product Summary

All our products are completely customized and rolled to the desired thickness, tolerances and properties. Maximum width of our steel strip is 250 mm. Depending on the width of the strip – we can roll down to a thickness of 0,1 mm. We are able to provide a narrow strip with great tolerances. To find out more about the product download the available PDF and get in touch.

Specification Details

Coil Sizes: Inside Diameter 200 – 500 mm Outside Diameter according to agreement 

Width: 10mm to 80mm 

Thickness: 0.1mm to 4mm

*All specifications will be aligned to product order.

Benefits For You

  • Narrow tolerances produced to your specifications
  • Available in jumbo oscillated coils or cut to length

Typical Applications

Hose clamps, air ducts, punched and pressed parts (straps for brackets on housing), cable fasteners

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