Wine Barrel Strip

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Product Summary

Wine Barrel strip produced by Burseryds Bruk provide a perfect sustainable steel strip solution for wine barrels. Burseryds wine barrel steel strips provide the ideal solutuon by ensuring they meet the highest standards. Strong, durable, and long lasting Burseryds Bruk Wine Barrel strip is the ideal solution for your wine / vineyard storage. To find out more about the product download the available PDF and get in touch.

Specification Details

Coil Size: Inside Diameter 300/400 mm Outside Diameter max. 770 mm

Thickness: Width 0.5 mm Thickness 0.25 mm Zinc

Coating: Hot-dip galvanized

*All specifications will be aligned to product order.

Benefits For You

  • Reliable corrosion protection due to homogenous zinc-layer on four sides
  • Keeps wine barrels secure protecting your produce
  • Available ribbon wound 

Typical Applications

Wine barrels

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